Wednesday, 5 February 2014


And next in our calendars is the most divisive holiday of them all. Valentines Day. Commercial nightmare or the perfect day to show your hunnybunny how much you just wurve them. I fall somewhere in the middle. Any excuse to eat some good food, drink something sparkly and meet with those you love is fine by me. I have been very single for quite a while before I met my boyfriend so I know how just darn boring it is to have love rammed down your throat for the weeks that lead up to valentines. But if you can't beat them, join them I say. Last single valentines me and a massive group of friends went for all-you-can-eat sushi, drank too much wine  and gave each other silly cupcakes and tokens of our love.

 It was so much better than sitting at home getting increasingly more annoyed at all the roses and teddy bears filling our instagram and facebook feeds.

This year, if you're single in London, eschew all the overpriced restaurants filled with candles and couples and steer clear of too much chocolate and self-pity, I've got a few much better ideas for how to spend your night:
Lots of club nights are doing special one-off valentines nights, my two recommendations would be
1. Itchy Feet, Shoreditch
2. Soul Train, Peckham

Both are fun, cheap and the best place for a proper groove in London.
If you're lucky enough to be loved up then my advice would be to do something silly and fun. My friend is going to a comedy night with his significant other, I went bowling last year with my boy as that is something we do together and this year we are putting on our PJs, ordering in fried chicken and drinking too much beer.

Gift-wise, something small and thoughtful is best. Tickets to something or a small token of your love. Steer clear of teddies or roses - overpriced and show a lack of creativity. But really there is no right answer, no one else knows your relationship. Valentines day IS so commercial but a day promoting love can't be bad in my opinion.


  1. Thats so sweet that the year before a group of you went out to celebrate valentines together, why go out with one when you can have a night out with ten! Its too bad I don't live in London because I would totally go to the Soul Train night! Ps: I've nominated you for the Bloggers Great & Small Tag, check out my post on it when you get the chance! xx

    1. Definitely, love doesn't just have to be about couples! share the love. Ooh thank you, I will try and do it this week!!